The Northern Cape is South Africa's largest province and is dominated by the Kalahari Basin. The semi-arid Kalahari desert extends into Namibia and Botswana and hosts an impressive assortment of wild life and game, making it a regular hunting destination for local and international visitors alike. Animals inhabiting the region include large predators like the Kalahari lion and brown hyena, as well as meerkat, giraffe, and warthog. Antelope like eland, gemsbok, springbok, steenbok, kudu, and duiker abound. Blue wildebeest, red hartebeest and Burchell's zebra are popular trophies from this region.

The journey
Flights from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg fly direct to Kimberley, from where land transport is arranged to the various camps between Kimberley and Kuruman. Guests arriving on flights that land in Kimberley before 11h00 will be transported to their camp that same day. International guests who arrive at ORT and who do not make the early flight to Kimberley will be accommodated overnight in Johannesburg before being transported to ORT the following morning.

The climate
Hunting in the Kalahari is recommended during the five cooler months from May through to the end of September, as the heat in the region can be quite unforgiving during the South African summer. Winter mornings and evenings can feel frosty, but the main part of the day is pleasant. However, guests are advised to pack some warmer items of clothing should they plan to hunt from June to August.

The place
The terrain of the Northern Cape can be quite surreal in its vastness and apparent desolation. Iron-rich red sands, patchy areas of large, flat-topped thorny acacia trees and hardy grasses of the savanna deliver an extraordinary treat for the senses.

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