When travelling to a foreign destination, being prepared and well-informed in advance is bound to make the experience sweeter. We’d like to share some key information to ensure our guests arrive with their documentation in order, are correctly licensed, and aware of the procedures for importing rifles and exporting trophies.

Some information and links are also provided with regards to the taxidermy companies we suggest, as well as a list of items you may consider packing when travelling to South Africa on your hunting safari.From clothing, ammunition, taxidermy, and medical guidance, this is what you need-to-know. If any of the information is unclear or if we can provide you with a more detailed explanation, please use the form provided on the Contact us page to send us your queries.

Are taxidermy and packing services available?

Are you able to provide me with a rifle should I not want to bring mine along?

Can I bring my family along and how much extra would that cost?

Combatting hay-fever and other allergies

Do I need to take precautionary measures against Malaria?

Do you have a photographer on site or would I need to travel with my camera?

Do you offer other types of hunting besides Rifle Hunting?

Is safe drinking water available?

Prohibited firearms and ammunition

What calibre of rifle is recommended?

What currency is used in South African?

What do I need to bring?

What documentation is required for importing weapons?

What happens in the case of medical emergency?

What is the proceedure when bringing your own rifle into SA?

When is the deposit & balance of payment due?

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